• Tow Truck Newburgh NY by Different Types of Vehicles

  • Having tow truck Newburgh NY towing service is an often under-appreciated service.  When your car breaks down, the last thing you want to do is put an important part of your livelihood in jeopardy.  Just because you live or if you get stuck in a “good part of town” doesn’t mean it won’t be at risk of being stolen.  What often happens, too, that is overlooked is that a vacant car on the side of the road may not be stolen, but it can be broken into and ripped of anything of value inside.

    Drivers passing by a car that is being lifted aren’t going to notice anything out of the ordinary anyways, if the thief isn’t looking like a deer in headlights.  So, this is just one important reason why calling a tow truck Newburgh NY is invaluable to drivers.

    Tow trucks are also, of course, an important tool for businesses and car companies, allowing for the removal of illegally parked cars, impounding of delinquent owners, and those involved in collisions.  A tow truck in Newburgh NY comes in a few different varieties, these are the most common:

    Sling Trucks

    These used to be a popular model of tow trucks years ago.  These trucks use a hook and chain combination that wraps on the vehicle’s frame and then winched up the truck on a hard rubber surface.  They discontinued the use of sling trucks due to the high probability of damaging the car’s bumpers.  All-wheel drive vehicles also could not be towed, due to the stress put on the drivetrain.

    Wheel Lifts

    Wheel lift trucks have replaced the sling design, using a gentler method of lifting the car using a hydraulic platform.  This allows the tow truck to lift the car with only minimal contact to the tires, not affecting the drivetrain like the old hook and chain model.

    Boom Winch

    This tow truck Newburgh NY is often used in off-road car accidents and emergency situations where there is no room to back-up a truck in front of your car.  Some boom winch trucks operate like a fixed crane, while others use pivoting frames.

    Flatbed Trucks are common for tow truck Newburgh NY

    These require the most room to operate in, but they are the most preferred means of towing for cars that are low to the ground or are unusual in length and/or size.  The entire flatbed of the tow truck can be lowered to the ground, where the vehicle can either drive forward to be secured or be pulled onto it by a winch.

    Integrated Trucks

    Finally, there is a combination tow truck Newburgh NY that offers both the wheel lift and a boom winch for any situation.  This is commonly used by repo companies to be able to quickly move vehicles before there is any confrontation.  It also allows for the ability to tow recover vehicles without the need of any manual attachment, offering more safety for the tow truck driver.