• Jump Start a Dead Battery

  • Needing a jump start is almost inevitable. There are going to be times where you run into car trouble and there is nothing you are able to do about it on your own. Whether you are around New Windsor Highway or anywhere else in the Newburgh area, if your vehicle is not starting properly you might have anything from a dead battery to transmission trouble. Regardless of what it is, Newburgh Tow Truck Service is able to assist you with a Jump Start or battery recharge. We can send out our trained and skilled mechanic team to offer you dead battery jump-start services, local towing or any other service you may need in the area.

    A jump start anywhere from downtown to Broadway and Union Ave

    Newburgh Tow Truck Service is around to give you a dead battery jump start. We have an expert team of tow truck operators and roadside assistance, so as soon as you call we are able to send out a skilled mechanic to your location. The expert is always going to show up in a tow truck, just in case you do need to use the towing services. Our professional mechanic is going to look over your vehicle in order to help you pinpoint the problem. If it is just a battery or other minor problem, the skilled mechanic is able to assist you on the spot. However, if it is anything more serious, the tow truck can provide you with city wide towing and bring the vehicle back to our shop.

    Do not worry about where you are currently located with your non-running vehicle. It does not matter if your car stopped in the middle of downtown or if the engine just kicked out and won’t start back up while parked on Broadway, our city wide towing services can assist you with all of your needs. Plus, the affordable towing is not going to charge you what the competition charges. After all, your vehicle is not working and the last thing you want to deal with is someone trying to take advantage of you simply because they have a towtruck.

    Our affordable towing services can be at your side with one simple phone call. So, if you are having any sort of issues with your vehicle and keeping it running, it does not matter if you are located on New Windsor Highway or are around Union Ave, we can have a towtruck at your disposal in no time, and from there, we can make sure your vehicle receives the proper attention it needs.