• We Tow RVs, Campers, Antique Cars, and Specialty Vehicles

    If you are moving to a new home and need to also relocate your Camper, antique, or project car then give us a ring. Or if you need to tow your recreational vehicle for a long haul across the State, Newburgh Tow is your guy! We have tow truck [...]

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    No One Likes to be Stranded on the Highway

    We understand that being stranded on the highway is not a fun situation and accordingly provide 24 hour towing and city wide towing in the fastest manner possible. Our tows will get you off of the shoulder of the road and back to your driveway [...]

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    Unauthorized Vehicle Blocking Your Driveway or Parking Lot?

    There is nothing worse than an illegally parked vehicle that is right in your way. Whether is is an abandoned car, a vehicle blocking your driveway, or something else, this type of inconvenience is a quick way to put a frown on your face. Luckily, [...]

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