• We Provide Affordable Towing Everywhere in Newburgh Area

  • A tow from downtown to your shop with a tow truck is going to keep you out of harms way and help us fix your problem. The elite towing professionals we have can offer auto towing throughout the city, and the affordable towing is going to give you the best price possible. After all, after a tow truck picks up and tows your vehicle, you don’t want to worry about an expensive price. With affordable towing, you never need to worry about the auto towing price. Our elite towing and city wide towing is able to help provide the local towing and tows your vehicle needs. This way, we can pick you up and diagnose what the situation is with the vehicle. From there, you can determine what is done with your vehicle and if you want us to work on it or not.

    Of course, if you would rather have our auto towing service take you to a different location, we are able to offer you this service as well. The city wide towing is at your disposal, so if you want your vehicle towed to a different location, our skilled mechanic can provide you with this exact service.