• Newburgh Tow is the best Towing Company for RV, Antique cars, and other Specialty Vehicles

  • Newburgh Tow can provide roadside assistance for cars of all types SUV’s, trucks, RV’s, Campers, as well as Heavy Duty vehicles.

    All of our drivers are skilled tow truck operators expertly trained to handle all types of recoveries as well as roadside assistance. Our expert skilled towtruck operators in Newburgh will get you and your vehicle to the destination of your choice safe and carefully.

    Newburgh Tow provides any distance towing like long distance tow, a local tow and provides city wide towing. Or perhaps you have need of a specialty car tow. A specialty car tow includes vehicles such as an antique vehicle that you want to make sure is safe and careful while in our hands. We make sure the care is delivered to your choice of destination. Our professional staff of tow truck operators can handle the task.
    It does not matter if you need the antique vehicle taken on a local tow, long distance towing or city wide your vehicle will arrive safely.

    Newburgh Tow are Experts in Specialty Vehicle Towing

    Other types of specialty tows may include vehicles like a collector car. A collector car is a thing of great value so you want a professional tow truck service that values your possessions and treats your car as their own property.
    Perhaps you have a need to tow a race car or a project car that you want to fix up. Newburgh Tow can take your project car or race care to your desired destination.
    We provide Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing along with RV towing no job is too large. Even if you need the heavy duty vehicle towing or the RV Towing; towed for long distance towing is not a problem for our technicians or our tow trucks. Our towtrucks are serviced and inspected daily to make sure you arrive safe and careful.

    We can handle all of the following types of towing services:

    Antique cars.
    Collector cars.
    Race Cars.
    Project Cars
    Specialty Cars
    Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing
    Camper Towing
    RV Towing
    Long Distance Towing
    City Wide Towing
    Local Tow
    Expert Service
    Skilled Tow truck Operator

    When you need a tow or roadside assistance let Newburgh Tow assist you. We are reasonably priced for the working single, families, and working professional. Your vehicle is a very important possession and you rely on it daily for all your transportation needs. Let us at Newburgh Tow and our skilled tow truck operator help you get back on the road.