• Towtruck to Get An Unauthorized Vehicle Towed in Newburgh NY

  • towtruck take this car away! Illegally parked vehicles are frustrating, and if it is blocking your driveway, it becomes frustrating AND confining. If you are in a time sensitive situation, you will need that unauthorized vehicle that is obstructing your driveway removed FAST, and that is where Newburgh Tow comes into play. We can be contacted at anytime, and guarantee that one of our skilled tow truck operators will be there in a flash with one of our top-notch tow trucks.

    Nobody should have to deal with an unauthorized vehicle being where it shouldn’t be, whether it is in a private parking lot, firelane, obstructing a driveway, or even just an abandoned car that has become an eyesore, no matter where it is in town. This is why Newburgh Tow offers city wide towing services. We will send a towtruck anywhere in our local towing area, which includes the city wide towing. Of course, not only can we send our towtrucks to anywhere within our local area, we can send them anytime with our 24 hr towing. Anytime, anywhere, our skilled tow truck operators will be there for you.

    What to look for in a towtruck

    There are two common concerns when customers are looking for tows: price and size restrictions. Luckily, we offer affordable towing, and our fleet can handle any size of vehicle. When looking for local towing, you will learn quickly that many tows cost more than you expected, which is why we offer affordable towing options. We understand that most towing needs come as a surprise, and may cause financial difficulties, so we offer our services at great prices, to further help our customers. If you are concerned about vehicle size, rest assured that our wreckers can handle any job, we have a wrecker for every size of vehicle, no matter how large or small.

    Newburgh Tow is an elite towtruck company, striving to give customers the best experience possible. We call ourselves an elite towing company because we strive to be the best auto towing company in town. We are fast, trustworthy, and constantly available, with a focus on giving our customers a quality experience. So, when you need auto towing, give Newburgh Tow a call, anytime.